Do you know the development process of Surron light bee?

Do you know the development process of Surron light bee?

Does this Dirt Bike look familiar? Yes, this is the first-generation Electric Dirt Bike from Surron light bee that everyone has been thinking about.

It took Mr. Cao, a body engineer, half a month to build it by hand. Despite the rough appearance of this Electric Dirt Bike, the essence of the mass-produced Surron light bee was drawn from it.

Before the Electric Dirt Bike was ready, the electronics and electrical department had already developed and matched the motor, battery, and controller exclusively for the Surron light bee.

After the Electric Dirt Bike is completed, the performance of the motor and controller is adjusted based on the off-road characteristics of Surron light bee. At this time, the assembled vehicle was already able to reach a speed of over 70km/h during actual road testing, and the maximum climbing angle reached an incredible 45°, which is daunting for a gas-powered Dirt Bike!

However, after all, it is an early stage Electric Dirt Bike that was temporarily assembled. Although it is exciting during off-road riding, because the frame is hand-welded with aluminum alloy, the front and rear swing arms are not the final state in the design draft. This Dirt Bike gives people a scattered experience and cannot be used for high-intensity off-road testing.

By improving the problems found in the first generation Electric Dirt Bike, the extracted features are further enhanced to create the second generation Electric Dirt Bike with a different style!

At this time, the second generation Surron light bee Electric Dirt Bike was already built according to the design draft. The overall vehicle is also more coordinated. The electrical department equipped it with a set of 60V large-capacity batteries based on the original 48V battery, making the power more rapid.

Considering that Surron light bee needs to be both light and able to withstand high-intensity impact. The frame uses an all-aluminum alloy forging process to minimize weight while ensuring strength and rigidity. The front and rear disc brakes are also newly matched, using opposing four-piston calipers. It can also provide sufficient braking force during vigorous driving.

Each of the components that are completely self-molded is like a work of art, containing the innovative ideas that Surron must independently develop for its own products.

After testing within the company for about half a month, the safety, performance, and control of the second-generation Electric Dirt Bike have all passed the review, and will now be subject to verification by the market and players! During the experience activities, we continued to receive recognition and expectations from customers, and received many valuable opinions and suggestions. After integrating the more important opinions, the R&D department adjusted and upgraded the car body again, which is now the third generation Electric Dirt Bike!

The most intuitive change is the rear shock absorber, because many people report that during riding, the rear shock absorber feels "stuffy" and the riding comfort is not enough.

Therefore, we improved the structure of the rear suspension. It is also the Intersect TR suspension system independently developed by Surron for the Surron light bee. A small cradle is added at the connection between the rear shock absorber and the flat fork to make it smoother when encountering impacts. Reasonably distribute the force to improve the comfort of off-road driving.

The third-generation Electric Dirt Bike with an updated cradle system is even more powerful in terms of control. At this time, the Surron light bee, whether it is off-road or for daily transportation, can give riders indescribable driving pleasure ~ making Surron even more Have confidence to face the challenges of the market!