Surron Storm Bee Dirtbike
Surron Storm Bee Dirtbike
Surron Storm Bee Dirtbike
Surron Storm Bee Dirtbike
Surron Storm Bee Dirtbike
Surron Storm Bee Dirtbike
Surron Storm Bee Dirtbike
Surron Storm Bee Dirtbike

Surron Storm Bee Dirtbike

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The 2023 Storm Bee F, Surrons largest electric motorcycle, performs as well as it looks. Whether you're heading out to carve some single-trail or a weeknight of laps at the local MX track, the Storm Bee delivers a seat-of-the-pants riding experience like few other off-road bikes can. With two types of tires, light kit, and optional plate holder you will turn heads everywhere you go.

         Product Features

  • 22,500W high torque motor 
  • top speed of 68 mph
  • 75 mile range
  • 4 Hours recharge time
  • torque of 520Nm
  • Titanium gold four piston brakes
  • 104V/55Ah Lithium Ion battery
  • Drive 530 O-ring Chain
  • Motor, display, controller, and battery is covered by a 12 month warranty.
Surron is setting another benchmark in the electric off-road world with the 2023 Storm Bee F. With 22.5 kW of electric power in a full-size package, the Storm Bee is for savvy off-road riders ready to make the shift from gas-powered engines. Imagine no more oil changes, no spilled gas, no top-end rebuilds... and no noise. Just plug in, charge up, and ride. The lack of emissions and noise will keep the neighbours happy; the performance will keep you happy.

  • The North American version of the 2023 Storm Bee F comes as an off-road-only model. Unique to the North American version, you'll receive both a headlight and number plate to cater the bike to your taste and riding environment.
  • Liquid-cooled, brushless electric motor, Turbo mode & reverse gear
  • 3 riding modes, traction control, regenerative braking
  • Adjustable off-road suspension, 21/18” wheels (front/rear)
  • On road option available with 110/70R17, 140/60R17 (front/rear)
  • Max. range: 120 km (75 miles) on a full charge @ 50 km/h (31 mph)
  • Switchable headlight & number plate included (North American version only)
  • 104V (DC) rated voltage
  • LED Head Light
  • Sport, Rain, Eco, Turbo
  • ASR (Acceleration Slip Reduction, a.k.a. traction control), BERS (Brake Energy Regenerative System)
  • 47 mm inverted fork, 290 mm travel, adjustable compression & rebound
  • LCD Digital Dash

    The Storm Bee's high-strength aluminum frame offers both stiffness and flexibility to optimize the riding experience. The compact arrangement of the battery pack, motor control unit (MCU) and motor minimizes unsprung weight and balances the Storm Bee. The 1,430 mm wheelbase and steering geometry give the Storm Bee great maneuverability and excellent high-speed stability off-road.

    Two of the most unique features on the Surron Storm Bee are the turbo and reverse buttons. Pressing the turbo button gives you a short, extra boost of power at full throttle. Meanwhile, the functional reverse button will be a welcome feature for riders who find themselves in tricky situations on the trail. It's this kind of innovation and outside-the-box thinking that sets Sur Ron apart.

    The heart of the Storm Bee's powertrain is its 104V/55Ah battery pack, powerful enough to propel the Storm Bee to a top speed of 75 mph and a max range of 70 miles. Recharge the Storm Bee via its included charger through a conventional wall outlet in 4 hours. A precision-built FOC motor control unit safely and efficiently manages power to the liquid-cooled, brushless (BLDC) motor. Built-in sensors automatically optimize power delivery if temperatures get too high, maximizing battery life.

Warranty Information:

For 14 days after the delivery date we can replace any part that is deemed defective from manufacturing.

The power system (motor, controller, display and battery) has a 12 month limited warranty. Chassis, swing arm and other none wear part have a 12 months warranty. 

We do have exclusions for normal wear components (such as bearings, seals, chain, brake components, suspension valving), as well as misuse or failure caused by damages due to accident, collisions, or neglect. Misuse also includes altering any wiring, or installing any non-genuine parts, as well as any use for racing. Any misuse in charging, storing, or discharging will void this limited warranty. Limited warranty are non-transferable and you must have proof of purchase from us before asking for warranty replacement.

FREE SHIPPING - Please note, due to high demand shipping times can take up to 6-8 weeks.

Dimensions & Weight

Width 31.7"
Hight 48.8"
Min Ground Clearance 12.2"
Wheelbase 56.3"
Seat Height 37"
Front Fork Travel 11.41"
Rear Shock Travel 11.41"
Frame Forged aluminium alloy
Front Tire Off-road 80/100-21, road tire 110/70R17
Rear Tire Off-road 100/90-18, road tire 140/60R17
Wheel size Diameter 21/18" (front/rear)
Vehicle Weight 280lbs
Max load capacity

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Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
KElly Hopkins
Great out of the box.

I was trying to purchase a bike for a gift and he kept me from being upset, in thinking I was going to receive the product in time. He kept me informed of the situation and offered to assist in every aspect of the purchase.

christi briscoe
Very satisfied customer

I purchased the Surron Ultra Bee and couldn't be happier with this amazing bike!!

Geoff Gulinson
Highly recommended!

I love the ride feels super smooth the only thing I had a slight problem with was the delays in shipping but it was amazing.

Joshua Springman

Fast communication. Shipping faster than expected. Everything went perfect.

cendall cendall
Great Product!

Maybe the coolest and best purchase I've ever made! Absolutely love it.