New Owners Guide

A. Don't throw away your box.

We suggest flattening and storing it somewhere dry. These boxes are custom made to fit and ship your bike. Do not try to cut open the box as you could damage the bike inside. Two people are recommended for unboxing, whereas assembly but not required. It can be difficult and costly to source bike-sized boxes in the event that you need to ship your bike for any reason including:
• Recalls
• Returns
• Returns for Service
• Selling the bike

B.Take pictures of the box upon arrival and of its contents.

This way we can make a claim if there is any shipping damage. Documentation can also help in the case of missing or damaged parts upon arrival that are covered under warranty. For any warranty claims or shipping damage claims, we will request to see photos, even videos.

C.NO hammering! Your bike doesn't come with nails.

D.Remember your KEYS!

These are the only Two Keys along with bike that match lock. Once lost, you need to wait for a long time due to it will ship from factory, even extra payment for new key. Test keys with lock BEFORE mounting battery. In the unlikely event that the lock and keys don't match, please contact support immediately. And DO NOT mount the battery.

E.Record your bike's SERIAL NUMBER. Register your bike and serial number below.

Unique serial number of frame is like a finger print, identifying the bike in the event that it is lost, stolen, or damaged.
The serial number is required for most insurance policies and claims and to identify lost or stolen bikes.
Your bike will have its serial number engraved on the frame:
on the bottom of the head tube (near the headlight)
• on thr bottom of the head tube;
• under the motor;
• or on the back of the motor.
Record your Serial Number before first ride;
Order Number is on hand when contacting Support.