How to Discuss the Talaria dirtbike?

How to Discuss the Talaria dirtbike?

The Talaria dirtbike brand has been proven as a product in the market and has undergone many upgrades based on the market in terms of vehicle performance and quality stability.

STING X3 is a product focusing on personalized urban travel, Equipped with an LG 60V/40Ah lithium battery and a mid-mounted motor with a rated power of 2500W/peak power of 5000W, it has a motor torque of 34 Nm. Through the crankset conversion, the maximum torque on the wheel is 233 Nm.

The overall weight of STING X3 is only 59kg, and the top speed can reach 75km/h. With a 4-level adjustable kinetic energy recovery system, it has a cruising range of 100km. For a two-wheeled electric vehicle that focuses on urban travel, this data can already achieve freedom of travel in the city.

In terms of frame, STING X3 uses 6061 aluminum alloy, which is matched with the 6000-ton pressure forging process used in all Talaria models to ensure sufficient rigidity and strength. At the same time, combined with the front 200mm adjustable hydraulic shock absorber and the rear 85mm cylinder shock absorber, it brings a minimum ground clearance of 255mm, allowing it to freely shuttle through various obstacles and road shoulders in the city.

Compared with STING X3, STING MX3 is more focused on diversified entertainment travel. The biggest change is not only replacing the new set of front and rear 17-inch road tires on the STING X3 with front and rear 19-inch off-road tires, but also replacing the motor with a rated power of 3000W and a peak power of 6000W. The maximum wheel torque is amplified by the crankset. Reached 284 Nm. The front and rear shock absorbers are upgraded to Fast fully adjustable shock absorbers, with a top speed of 75km/h and a cruising range of 110km.

The STING MX4 is equipped with a more powerful motor with a rated power of 4000W/peak power of 8000W, a wheel torque of 376 Nm, a top speed of 85km/h, and a cruising range of 120km.

Talaria has also launched road and field versions for different travel needs. The difference lies in more complete turn signals and reflectors, and the instruments on the field version have also been simplified to a small-size screen.

In addition to these mass-produced models, Talaria can also provide targeted personalized modifications according to the different needs of customers. Here is also a snow modified vehicle. By replacing the front and rear sleds and tracks, the vehicle can be unlocked for more features. Multiple ways to travel and play.

As a market-focused brand, Talaria not only received a large amount of market feedback, but also quickly made upgrades and adjustments based on the feedback. The changes made in just one year have achieved more progress than those of competitors in 5 years. At the same time, Talaria’s product manager is an experienced player himself and can grasp users’ pain points and improve them on their own products. Including a large number of accessories that may need to be modified are directly made into original accessories, and the battery is also generous enough.

At the same time, we hope that after hard work, Talaria will be able to bring more products that meet the needs of consumer groups to the market faster, and become a transportation choice for more people in this new era where travel methods are fully electrified.