How to know Surron high-performance electric dirtbike?

How to know Surron high-performance electric dirtbike?

surron's popular model "SURRON X", with its unique design concept and easy-to-use control experience, has made surron rapidly open up the market in nearly a hundred countries.

Since the success of the SURRON X in the global market, surron has begun to expand its dirtbike categories, and has successively exhibited the SURRON X forest road version and off-road engineering models. Just like the SURRON X's launch, it has caused quite a stir and topic in the industry.

surron's Storm bee Forest Road Edition has a qualitative leap in workmanship and materials. It has an all-LED light set and the entire vehicle is extremely complete. The trail version weighs 126KG (including battery). The all-aluminum alloy forged frame is full of strength. The thick and fully adjustable front shock absorber has a diameter of 47mm, a shock absorber stroke of up to 290mm, and a rear shock absorber/wheel travel of 115/290mm, and the shock absorbers are specially tuned by surron for the Storm bee, achieving a balanced unity of sportiness and comfort. The maximum steering angle is 45° and the minimum ground clearance is 320mm. The controllability and passability are first-class. The 1436mm wheelbase makes The vehicle has excellent controllability and excellent high-speed stability.

Relying on the electric drive platform independently developed by surron, the Peak Power 22.5KW (30.6ps) mid-mounted motor and reduction gearbox equipped by the Storm bee make people think that this is a guy that is not easy to mess with... On the gearbox box The design of the surron lightning claw pattern LOGO is highly recognizable, making it stand out from the crowd of oil-powered dirtbikes. The high-power motor with a maximum speed of 8,000 rpm makes a very unique whistling sound. You can even use the charming two To describe it in words, when the howling sounds, it seems that a bunch of blue electric currents spurt out and become invisible, and a sense of the future is presented in the mind.

As an dirtbike, torque is a rigid assessment indicator, and the maximum torque of the Bamboo Bee's driving wheels has reached a terrifying 520N.M! The acceleration results brought by such a powerful driving wheel torque are also amazing, 0-50km/h in 1.8 seconds! 0-80km/h 3.6 seconds! Top speed exceeds 110km/h. In terms of power, the power of Storm bee’s 22.5KW motor is the same as that of a 250CC-class oil truck, but its acceleration performance is close to that of a 600CC-class large-displacement oil truck! There is no need for complicated shifting operations and oil separation, just start the switch to the bottom, eject to start, and easily experience the acceleration feeling like tearing the air. The large-size hydraulic disc brakes of 270mm in the front and 240mm in the rear also make people admire the braking power of the Storm bee. Full of confidence, after all, if you want to run fast, you have to be able to stop~

With such powerful power and torque, it can only be empty talk if it cannot be effectively controlled. Therefore, surron has thoughtfully equipped Storm bee with ABS and ASR traction control systems to help drivers better control the vehicle and maximize their performance. Regarding vehicle performance, the ASR system used by Storm bee is a sports traction control system specially customized by surron for Storm bee. It is more suitable for electric vehicle platforms. It is multi-level adjustable and can be adjusted quickly in real time during riding. All of this is realized through the core brain of the Storm bee - the 150V intelligent vector controller. The ultimate goal is that the riders can enjoy the Storm bee power while also obtaining maximum safety protection.

In addition to the safety-oriented ASR traction control system and the use of ABS, of course, there are also multi-stage adjustable driving modes that add more driving fun. There are 4 adjustable driving modes in the Storm bee - Economy/Rain/Sport/Turbo

The following is an explanation of the four driving modes: "Different power modes respond to different driving conditions, and the economy mode ensures endurance; the rain mode outputs power softly to prevent the driving wheels from slipping; the sports mode has high power output at any time; and the turbo mode It is a violent peak power output that lasts for tens of seconds, and can be used repeatedly at intervals. The use of different driving modes makes the Storm bee suitable for off-road tracks, unpaved roads or urban highways."

Moreover, Storm bee also has an ingenious function, "R mode (reverse gear)." When the vehicle is stationary, press and hold the reverse gear button, unscrew the switch, and the vehicle can drive backward. Just imagine what you will encounter when riding an outdoor bicycle. If the road conditions are bad or there is a traffic jam, the cyclists around you will get out of the car one by one and turn around, but you will shift into reverse and drive away~ 

In terms of battery life, Storm bee's power battery is a 90V/48AH high-rate ternary lithium battery, which uses the industry's top Sony VTC6 battery cell, an automotive-grade intelligent relay solution, and a safe and efficient battery management module to ensure a sufficient battery pack. Power and stability, the quickly detachable battery pack weighs 29KG, and the 0-100% charging time for household electricity only takes 3 hours. Whether at home or outdoors, as long as there is household electricity, it can charge the battery quickly. To replenish energy, it can provide a endurance of more than 105KM when cruising at a speed of 50km/h. As an dirtbike, this endurance level can easily be used for off-road racing or urban commuting.

While other manufacturers are still producing 1-3KW "electric motorcycles", surron has already reached the peak of mass production of models above 20kW. This level of models is quite leading in the field of electric motorcycles. Greater power is not just as simple as increasing the motor. It involves the accumulation of technology in many fields such as car body, mechanics, balance, control, man-machine, safety, reliability, etc., which requires manufacturers to invest huge R&D investment. The emergence of Storm bee once again proves surron’s benchmark position in the high-performance electric motorcycle circle.

The surron's platform is a step-by-step progress, and it is entirely possible that many models such as street cars and sports cars will be derived in the future. Let us wait and see whether surron will enter the broader civilian commuting market in the future. Summary: As a high-power electric off-road version, the Storm bee has excellent design, high-quality components, easy operation, light weight, and electronic control and other safety equipment. It is well equipped to the teeth. The concept of making electric motorcycles since then is to lower the operating threshold of electric motorcycles, so that more people can get the fun of electric motorcycles in the shortest, easiest and safest way, and experience unprecedented driving control and new things. , So far, Storm bee has triggered another electric dirtbike boom, leading the electric motorcycle industry into a new era.