How to troubleshoot Talaria dirtbike?

How to troubleshoot Talaria dirtbike?

The Talaria dirtbike appears and the entire bike has electricity, but it won't move when I turn the handle. Why? To sum up, it is due to these 4 reasons.

First: The brake power-off device is faulty. The purpose of the brake power-off device is to ensure the safe driving of Talaria dirtbik and at the same time save a lot of electricity. However, such a brake power-off device may also cause many problems, such as brake pad damage, brake arm rust, brake spring breakage, etc. This situation will cause the entire Talaria dirtbik to have power, but the handle will not move when the handle is turned. For the front brake, if it does not return to the position for a long time, the Talaria dirtbik will always be in a power-off state. At this time, either replace the brake power-off related device, or apply more lubricant to clean it.

Second: Motor failure. Analyzing the motor from the physical level, we can know that the main principle of the motor is the Hall effect. If a Hall fault occurs, first adjust the multimeter to the +20V position, and at the same time, connect the black meter of the multimeter to the motor Hall effect. Connect the load of the component, and then use a red test pen to measure the red, green, and blue lines in the motor respectively. At the same time, slowly rotate the motor. If there is a voltage change of 0 to 5V on the multimeter, it means there is no fault. If there is no change, it means the motor wires are not faulty. If there is a disconnection, the Hall element of the motor must be replaced at this time.

Third: Acceleration handlebar failure. According to the working principle of the electric vehicle acceleration steering wheel, we can analyze the circuit. The steering wheel generally has three wires, one red, one black, and one blue. Under normal circumstances, use a multimeter to measure the voltage between the two wires. Carry out the test and turn the handle at the same time. The voltage between the red and black wires is about 4.5V; the voltage between the black and blue wires changes from 0.8V to 4.2V. Only when these two conditions are met at the same time does it mean that the handle is normal. If If there is a non-compliance, it means that the handlebar may be broken or the circuit is abnormal, then you have to go to the repair shop to replace the handlebar.

Fourth: Wiring harness failure. If an electric motorcycle is used for a long time, the wiring harness is prone to corrosion, rust and other related conditions. If this happens, replace all the wiring harness.

The above are the 4 reasons why the Talaria dirtbik has electricity but the handlebar does not turn. They can be easily solved.