What are the advantages of STORM BEE?

What are the advantages of STORM BEE?

SUR-RON has been committed to the R&D and manufacturing of two-wheeled electric vehicles since its establishment, and has made proud achievements in the industry. "WHITE GHOST" and "Light Bee" are the best explanations, and they make SURRON Dirt Bike amazing world.

After years of technology accumulation and innovation, SUR-RON brings a full-size Electric Dirt Bike - STORM BEE. STORM BEE adopts SUR-RON's latest self-developed high-power competition-level power system, a fully forged aluminum alloy frame, and a top-level power lithium battery with 10C discharge. The shock absorption stroke of the front and rear wheels of STORM BEE reaches 290mm, and the legal road version is also equipped with an ABS system.

Let’s enjoy some pictures of engineering accessories to let everyone know about “STORM BEE”.

Strong swingarm, designed for high-intensity off-road use

STORM BEE continues the craftsmanship of the "Light Bee" frame, forged from aluminum alloy, both light and strong.

STORM BEE adopts a reduction gearbox structure, which is stable and reliable

STORM BEE controller core components

SUR-RON's first mass-produced product - "Light Bee", it is a very fun trail model, suitable for traversing, exploring, venues, transportation, etc. Today, "Light Bee" has become a way of life Way. The second product is a full-size high-power Electric Dirt Bike - STORM BEE. Its size and horsepower have reached the standards of racing motorcycles, which means there are more possibilities.