What's the review of SURRON X Electric Dirt Bike?

What's the review of SURRON X Electric Dirt Bike?

Electric Dirt Bike athletes will ride Electric Dirt Bike to exercise in their spare time when they are not competing. I have been exposed to SURRON X, an Electric Dirt Bike, as early as during the Gonggar Crossing Cycling Event. In the past few days, the maneuverability of SURRON X has left a deep impression on me. In this issue, the author will let you experience this magical and fun SURRON X Electric Dirt Bike.

SURRON X is equipped with a high-speed brushless DC mid-mounted motor. The driving wheels can provide a maximum torque of 240N.m. The vehicle weighs 50kg including the battery. The vehicle uses a 60V/32AH high-rate ternary lithium battery. The ferocious power output ensures that SURRON X has strong "firepower" to help you easily conquer rugged slopes, and enjoy Enjoy climbing.

The handlebar part of SURRON X uses the same caliber stems and handlebars as mountain bikes, leaving room for upgrades for users. The 760mm small-angle handlebar and 40mm short stem can also provide sufficient flexibility when turning.

SURRON X has two power mode options: "Sport" and "Economy". The "Sport" mode outputs more powerful torque in the rear section than the "Economy" mode. "Sport" mode is suitable for off-road driving. The "economy" mode power output is relatively "gentle" and is generally used more on flat roads. In addition, the "Economy" mode can be used as an energy-saving mode to save more power and extend the mileage. Speed, kilometers and other data can be viewed through the LCD screen located on the left side of the handlebar. However, the display is slightly small and can easily be distracted while driving. It is recommended to stop and watch.

In terms of power control, SURRON X is similar to ordinary off-road motorcycles. On the right side of the handlebar is the accelerator, while on the left side because of the electric power, the traditional clutch position has been replaced by the brake. Since SURRON X adopts the braking habit of "left rear and right front", Contrary to the "left front, right rear" braking habit of most mountain bikes, it takes some time to get used to when you first get into it.

The vehicle is started with a key, and there is a USB charging hole under the key compartment. Players can charge their mobile phones while driving. With this thoughtful feature, they no longer have to worry about their mobile phones running out of battery outdoors. There is a power display on the top of the battery. The digital display and graphic display make the power clearly visible at a glance. Users can monitor the power anytime and anywhere to be aware of it. When they find that the power is insufficient, they can replace it in time to reduce the embarrassment of "breaking down" midway.

The competition version battery is 60V/32AH, with an actual measured weight of 11kg. The entire lithium battery pack is wrapped in a thick layer of engineering plastic, which ensures reassuring safety. In order to better distribute the vehicle's center of gravity, the battery is placed in the middle of the frame, allowing SURRON X to achieve a 50/50 weight distribution without being "top-heavy". After opening the protective cover of the battery compartment, you can see the entire battery pack. The charging holes and circuit connection parts are well designed, and there is a handle on the top to facilitate battery replacement. Engineers built a leakage protection switch next to the battery. When the battery leaks, the switch will automatically trip to protect the user's personal safety.

A full charge of the 60V battery takes about 3 hours. In order to simulate real driving conditions, the author specially selected a mixed mountain road and paved road for testing. After repeated actual testing throughout the day, it was found that using the "Sports" mode can last about 50 or 60km, and it is not a problem to spend a day in the mountains.

SURRON X is equipped with a FAST inverted air pressure front fork (RST oil spring front fork is also optional) and spring rear shock absorber. For the exposed part of the front fork, FAST specially added a fender to the inner tube to protect the inner tube from flying stones. The overall linearity of the original shock absorber system is slightly tough. If you want to pursue a more delicate shock absorber effect, you can upgrade the shock absorber system in the later stage. At present, the FOX 40 front fork is favored by many players. Of course, the author has also seen some players modify it with MARZOCCHI forks. In terms of suspension, it adopts the same specifications as downhill bikes, so the modification space is quite large. Players can choose according to the depth of their wallets, and it is up to them to be rich and frugal.

To ensure maximum torque, SURRON X adopts belt and chain transmission method. The motor output power drives the gear at the other end with the help of a belt. The power is then transmitted to the 58T gear through the chain to further amplify the torque. Because of the use of brushless motors, the speed increase feels somewhat similar to Tesla. During the acceleration process, you can feel the strong pushing sensation from the rear wheels, which makes people feel in awe of this power monster.

The rims with an outer width of 49mm and the CST 70/100-19 large-grain off-road wide tires are enough to crush everything. When passing tree roots and stone road conditions, the vehicle is as stable as a mountain and rarely makes disturbing jumps.

The braking power of the front and rear four-piston brakes plus 203mm discs is unquestionable, but the original brakes are prone to thermal decay during long-term use, which weakens the braking power. However, these are minor problems that can be solved by upgrading the brakes.

Driving the SURRON X Electric Dirt Bike can be said to be a brand new experience. SURRON X is slightly different from ordinary mountain bikes in terms of power control and center of gravity distribution. It takes some time to get used to it when you are new to it, but it is a piece of cake for players with basic mountain bike experience and they can quickly adapt in a short period of time. Climbing is SURRON X's strength. After you master the throttle and center of gravity distribution, you can try some steeper slopes. SURRON X can easily conquer slopes that were previously inaccessible to mountain bikes. This gives you a great confidence boost and allows you to enjoy the sense of accomplishment brought by climbing as quickly as possible.

In the past, mountain bikes needed to pedal to increase their exit speed when cornering. When driving SURRON X out of a corner, you only need to increase the accelerator to get amazing acceleration. When accelerating at the apex of a corner, you feel like your whole body is surrounded by gravity, which makes you excited.

In general, SURRON X is an all-round vehicle that can go up and down. And with electric power assistance, you can save your energy and ride further, It is very suitable for cross-travel gameplay, and it is definitely worth a try for those experienced mountain bikers who want to try new gameplay. When you become familiar with SURRON X, it will feel like you have opened the door to a new world.