Surron Ultra Bee Dirtbike
Surron Ultra Bee Dirtbike
Surron Ultra Bee Dirtbike
Surron Ultra Bee Dirtbike
Surron Ultra Bee Dirtbike
Surron Ultra Bee Dirtbike
Surron Ultra Bee Dirtbike
Surron Ultra Bee Dirtbike
Surron Ultra Bee Dirtbike
Surron Ultra Bee Dirtbike
Surron Ultra Bee Dirtbike

Surron Ultra Bee Dirtbike

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Surron’s new Ultra Bee takes performance to a whole new level. Surron’s 4th generation power platform is at the heart of our new vision for this mid-sized off-road powerhouse. Our innovative new power platform delivers precision lightweight handling, smooth power output, and integrates Surron’s refined off-road traction control system to assist you in conquering the obstacles you experience on each ride.

         Product Features

  • 12,500W high torque motor 
  • top speed of 56 mph
  • 87 mile range
  • 4.5 hour recharge time
  • torque of 440Nm
  • Titanium gold four piston brakes
  • 74V 55AH Lithium-ion Battery pack
  • 60V 30Ah silent charger and transformer 
  • Motor, controller, display, and battery are covered by a 12 month warranty.
Inspired by its successful predecessors, our race refined braking system will significantly increase your confidence in both demanding trail and track use. The unique TR rear suspension system, combined with the brand new front suspension systems, will inspire confidence to ride faster, jump farther, and take corners with more confidence on the Ultra Bee‘ Extreme.
  • Sur Rons high temperature motor features high-grade permanent magnets that can withstand up to 180° degrees. This motor boasts an electronic brake function to improve braking performance. This Electric Dirt Bike also includes an FOC vector controller into the motor that features a multi-curve compounding algorithm which adjusts motor speed, torque, turning speed, and current intensity by learning your driving habits for a smooth and agile riding experience.
  • New Innovative Powertrain The Surron 4th generation powertrain was designed uniquely for Ultra Bee. Its special full isolated electrical architecture can avoid potential interference between high and low voltage circuit components.The combination of 74V55AH battery pack and 12.5KW / 440N.m torque drivetrain makes Ultra Bee a lighting quick track or trail weapon allowing you to push your limits to the maximum.Riding Mode Switch ECO/DAILY/SPORT/Reverse four riding mode available, All our new designed switches have been ergonomically designed so that they are easy to operate, even with you are dashing through a tight line without taking your eyes off the road.With improved Reverse Mode, it makes your riding with more confident, never worried about stuck in the trail again.
  • Full Adjustable Suspension System featuring a newly invented suspension system with 240mm travel providing a wide range of  adjustability for maximum safety and comfort while riding on both dirt roads and street.The unique chassis design and steering bump stops provides more protection from damage in the event of a fall.
  • Featured across all the Ultra Bee range, the Surround Traction Control System (SRTC) is the latest multi-condition off-road traction control system. The SRTC has three rider selectable settings controlled by just one button, giving the rider the ability to find the optimal control in any off-road condition.
  • DNM rear suspension featuring a multi-link structure. Progressive magnification for varied styles of riding.
  • This model boasts a huge range of 87 miles that most ebikes can't touch. Riding style and terrain conditions may effect your range. 
  • lightening fast acceleration and blistering top speed of 50 miles and hour.
  • High Performance 74V 55Ah Li-ion Battery Pack. The brand new, structured battery pack (4070wh) brings high power density and battery cycle life (up to 1500 times*), while achieving an even lower battery discharge temperature raise rate. This new design improves battery pack reliability and continuous discharge capability. The total weight of 20.5kg has achieved an industry-leading power density of 200Wh/kg.*After a full cycle life of approx. 1500 times, the battery pack can still maintain the state of health over 80%.
  • 60V 30Ah silent charger and transformer that features over charge/discharge protection, high temp protection, and under voltage protection with a fast charge of 4 hours.
  • Riding Anytime. A hidden space under the seat is designed specifically for the Ultra Bee’s charger. With a reserved air-cooling duct, recharging with your Ultra Bee charger on your bike is possible. No more heavy backpack is required to take your charger along for the ride. No more worry about lack of power. All you need now is focus on ADVENTURE. Charge wherever and whenever you want.

Warranty Information:

For 14 days after the delivery date we can replace any part that is deemed defective from manufacturing.

The power system (motor, controller, display and battery) has a 12 month limited warranty. Chassis, swing arm and other none wear part have a 12 months warranty. 

We do have exclusions for normal wear components (such as bearings, seals, chain, brake components, suspension valving), as well as misuse or failure caused by damages due to accident, collisions, or neglect. Misuse also includes altering any wiring, or installing any non-genuine parts, as well as any use for racing. Any misuse in charging, storing, or discharging will void this limited warranty. Limited warranty are non-transferable and you must have proof of purchase from us before asking for warranty replacement.

FREE SHIPPING - Please note, due to high demand shipping times can take up to 6-8 weeks.

Dimensions & Weight

Length 81.10"
Width 34.64"
Hight 46.37"
Min Ground Clearance 12.51"
Wheelbase 54.33"
Seat Height 35.82"
Front Fork Travel 9.44"
Rear Shock Travel 85/9.44
Frame Forged aluminium alloy
Front Tire 80/100-19 off-road
Rear Tire 90/90-19 off-road
Wheel size Diameter  19"
Vehicle Weight 194lbs
Max load capacity 320.462lbs

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Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Richard Buder
Excellent for the price

The bike has impressive build quality and performance. It feels so so light!

Francine Zagha
A Quality Product

The bike has an amazing battery life and great speed. This company is amazing!

Vanessa Gamboa
Outstanding purchase!

Good quality, very love

Katrina Dugan

Upon everything was as expected. Impressive crating and packaging All installations went well.


Very nice ebike a great customer service.